Aquaponics Revealed

Create Your Own Fish Powered Garden

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Aquaponics Revealed:
Create Your Own Fish Powered Garden.

Have you heard about the aquaponics revolution?! It has the power to eliminate world hunger, eradicate America's health crisis and deliver the food control back into the hands of the people. The best part about this revolution is that it starts in your backyard.  We are the solution.  By simply partaking in backyard gardening, we can grow this movement to put the power back into the hands of We the People when it comes to our food quality and supply.  

Avoid the toxins lurking in our food and the nutritional void now found in our vegetables by growing and controlling your own backyard garden using a technique called aquaponics.  These fish powered gardens are amazing little ecosystems.  Discover how simple and powerful it is to raise your own fresh fish while growing beautiful vegetables at the same time. We will ease into what these systems are and how they work, then take it to the next level.  By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and confidence to operate your own backyard aquaponic system. Join us in this incredible food revolution!

This course consists of 7 online classes (plus one bonus class) that you can take at your own pace.

Chad Hudspeth

Your Aquaponics Mentor

Chad Hudspeth is Chad is the founder of Endless Food Systems, a manufacturing company of plug-and-play aquaponic kits. They have built several 100 systems to date which are in operation all over the USA and Puerto Rico.  In this course, you will be able to glean valuable information on operating your own system through the thousands of hours of research and real world experience that Chad and his team have now perfected.

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What you will learn:

Aquaponics Revealed will teach you the mechanics and basic principles of how an aquaponic system works and the best way to operate your own backyard setup.  

We will cover the main parts and pieces of what makes up a system and show you some of the best designs that are proven to work. We will get into water quality and how to easily balance pH levels, often automatically.   

You will learn the importance of using composting worms, trace minerals and worm tea in a system to keep it operating at its maximum potential.  We will also share some of the very best insect control methods that are aquaponic safe and completely organic.

After working through the major elements, you will even learn the specific details of how to maintain a system on a regular basis using very easy strategies that will keep your system operating at peak performance.  We will also share many secrets concerning how to start seedlings and maximize your aquaponic “real estate”.


The Basics:

In this first class, we look at what aquaponics is and where it came from as well as answer some of the most common questions about it. We discover some of the ancient roots and who some of the more modern individuals are that have helped educate the world. Then, we look at some simple versions and a few of the different ways to power a system other than fish.  Last, we briefly touch on the importance of being able to control your foods quality and supply. 


Grow Beds & Filtration:

In class 2, we will be looking at the many different kinds of grow beds that can be used for aquaponics and the various ways to filter the water. We also discuss the “zones” inside a media bed and why they are important. After this class, you will know for sure which kind of bed will suit your system design (not every plant works in every bed!). Finally, we will look at some of the overall designs in use and focus on what we believe is the best design for the home gardener. 


Fish & Plants:

In class 3, we will explore the kinds of fish used in aquaponics, various plants grown, greenhouses vs. growing indoors, and indoor lighting. You will discover when to use certain kinds of fish, what type of fish food to use and where to purchase it.  You will learn which plants grow the best in aquaponics, the best greenhouse fit for various climates, the option of growing indoors, and unique ways to provide light for indoor growing.


Cycling & Water Quality:

In class 4, you’ll learn how to cycle up a brand new system with and without fish as well as what to test for and how to control the quality of your water. Controlling pH, ammonia and nitrates is quite important as you will see and adding in a few elements like trace minerals on a monthly basis goes a long way.  We will share our worksheets with you so will know what to test for and how to control it on a weekly basis.  We will also look into oxygenation, worm castings and the perfect pH ranges for plants. 


Safe Insect Control:

Nothing can frustrate aquaponic gardening more than to be right on the edge of harvesting some beautiful fruit, only to have some type of destructive insect snag it before you can. In class 5, we will be looking at a brief history of pesticide use and how we can organically and safely control harmful insects in our aquaponics systems.  You will learn the top ways of controlling pests in aquaponics and some inexpensive household methods to really get a handle on any bug issues, including direct control and preventative methods. 


Off-Grid & ROI:

In class 6, you will learn what it takes to go off-grid with an aquaponics system as well as what could be expected as far as your return on investment (ROI).  You will learn how to calculate the number of solar panels needed, batteries and other components necessary to run a standard system. If you are more serious about aquaponics and have been wondering if it could be a way to actually make a living, this class will help you get the numbers you need to reveal what a potential system could profit over a normal year.  



This final class will teach you everything you need to know to make maintaining your system easy-breezy. You will learn the details of how to care for your aquaponic system, including how to properly top off a system, use float valves, prevent roots from building up in your drain lines, the minimum size drains you should have, and cleaning filters, pumps and lines.

Here's what others have to say:

"If you are interested in aquaponics and want honest answers from the owner who not only sells, but personally uses his merchandise, this is the place to buy. We attended one of the classes and later went back for a one-on-one with a list of questions. Chad and Jeff take their time and know their product. Not once did we feel like we were being pushed to make a purchase, in fact after stating our circumstances we were advised to hold off on our purchase for a bit. Can't wait to get started and trust me, this is THE place to purchase anything and everything aquaponics and I am a very particular shopper!"

Nancy M.

"I am blown away by the amount of produce in our system and have actually contacted a local restaurant about selling them some of the extra. Excellent design, I never thought gardening could be this easy."

Laura M.

"The system is a little over a year old now and growing like crazy. I just harvested Ford Hook beans from the media bed & radishes and we have beets still growing."

John A.

What You Get:

  • Seven pre-recorded online classes
    You can listen to these at your own pace. In these classes, you'll learn everything you need to know to be a successful aquaponic gardener. Your content will never expire so you can return to the classes again and again.
  • Weekly downloadable content in the Urban Farm U Member Site
    Videos, webinar links, PDFs, plus lists of books and other programs that will enhance your experience and provide next steps. Topics include DIY filters, greenhouses, pH, pest control, solar food dehydrators, pump parts, installing float valves, plus resources for finding fish, plants, seeds and more.
  • Access to the private, member-only Urban Farm Facebook group
    Get your questions answered by gardening experts! Plus, post photos of your system, meet fellow urban farmers, and feel supported and inspired by others going through the same journey. 
  • Bonus Webinar: The Health Difference
    This bonus webinar reveals why America’s supermarket food is so toxic and food grown using aquaponics is nutritionally superior. Aquaponics is simple, yet an extremely powerful process for feeding your family and the world!

Plus, a FREE bonus:

  • GrowPhx Summit Videos
    These bonus videos will fuel your urban farming fire even beyond aquaponics! They include lectures on seed saving, regenerative design, backyard eggs & dairy, and using wood chips to create an oasis in your yard.

Aquaponics Revealed:
Create Your Own Fish Powered Garden

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to operate your own aquaponics system.
  • Design and create your own custom fish-powered garden.  One that fits in your backyard or indoor space using time-tested methods that will maximize the amount of food produced per square foot.
  • Learn how to avoid the costly pitfalls and mistakes that can wreck a new aquaponics system,  how to find & test the right media and which materials are dangerous vs safe.
  • Learn how to design your system so that it will save you tons of time and money and last for many years (this can make all the difference!).